DO you know how to ride a bicycle?

I’m guessing that most of you do. Perhaps it is a skill you picked up at a young age.

Do you remember how you learnt how to ride a bicycle? Did you fall? I’m sure you did. Did you get back up and try to go back in balance after you fell? I’m sure you did. Or did you go back home to rest, and try again until you are able to ride a bicycle?

What was your bicycle learning experience like?

Even if you hadn’t touched the bicycle in a while, I know that you know that you will have no problem riding it because you already know your balance. While cycling, should something distract you that causes you to lose your balance, you will have no problem regaining it because you know your balance. Or when you know you’re about to lose your balance, you simply stop before you continue cycling.

What if I told you that your mind works the same way?

That when you are in balance, your life will feel at peace. If something happens to you, you remind yourself of your mind and its thinking to regain it. Like riding a bicycle, it doesn’t make sense to stay on the ground if you fell. It makes sense to get up and continue riding.

You view life as how your mind perceives it. And that’s the beauty of it. We’re all equipped with our own creative mind to view it how ever we want it to be. That our mind can change if we want it to. It’s not something concrete; heck it’s not even tangible!

Nobody is out to get you. Your life does not suck. It’s how you perceived it. How you perceive things aren’t always true. It’s the way we keep saying “the sun sets” or “the sun rises” when in actuality the Sun NEITHER sets nor rises! Our creative mind made it look that way. If we believed in bad omens, we could somehow creatively link everything that comes across to us that day as a correspondence to that bad omen. It’s funny, isn’t it? If you focused on what you lack, everything is going to seem like it supports what you lack. If you focused on what you have, your mind will work its charm and ways to find out (creatively) how to get what you seek to achieve.

In my book, A Nobody’s Observations, I wrote about how we’re all seeds. A seed has its own intelligence and wisdom to already know HOW to grow into a tree. Our mind is just that. Give it proper conditionings, you are allowing your mind to work at its best. Imagine how much you can achieve.

How do you water your seed? I’ve asked so many people this question, but nobody has yet to answer it.

To me, the ‘water’ your mind needs is a pause, and peace.

Like riding a bicycle, if you feel like falling, you stop (pause).
And to ride a bicycle, you need balance (peace).

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