Civil marriages. After the commencement of role 6 for the Civil Registration Act.

Civil marriages. After the commencement of role 6 for the Civil Registration Act.


to legally marry a Marriage is required by you Registration Form (MRF) from the Registrar and whoever is solemnising your wedding should be regarding the Register of Solemnisers (pdf). The Registrar dilemmas the MRF whenever you give your 3 notification to the Registrar month.

Additionally, it is now possible getting hitched by civil ceremony into the working workplace of the Registrar of Civil Marriages or in some other place this is certainly authorized with a Registrar.


You should approach the Registrar of Civil Marriages for the district in which you intend to marry for information on how to proceed if you are getting married by civil ceremony in a Registry Office or other approved place. There’s no requirement to call home into the district where you need to get hitched.

In addition to organizing your civil marriage service here is additionally a necessity to offer a couple of months notification to a Registrar. This will not need to be exactly the same Registrar.


A civil ceremony can be held in a Registry workplace or other place that is authorized by a Registrar. A Registrar will have to be also accessible to solemnise the wedding.

You should contact the Registry Office for the district the venue is located in to arrange to have it approved if you want to get married in a venue other than the Registry Office. This might include the Registrar inspecting the place.

In accordance with the legislation the spot where in actuality the solemnisation happens needs to be ready to accept people. The Civil Registration (Amendment) Act amended the legislation to explain that a spot this is certainly ready to accept the public means:

  • A building that is available to the public or
  • A courtyard, yard, garden, piece or field of ground that is ready to accept the general public and is quiver coupons in close proximity to and often enjoyed by having a building that is ready to accept the general public

The principles for wedding venues can be obtained in the General Registrar’s web site. To guarantee the venue is authorized over time for the wedding you ought to arrange for the approval well prior to notifying the Registrar.

You will have an extra charge for the civil ceremony in a place apart from a Registry workplace.

Wedding Registration Form

With a Marriage Registration Form (MRF) giving you permission to marry if you fulfill the 3 months notification requirements and there is no impediment to you getting married, the Registrar will issue you. You need to supply the MRF to your Registrar that will be solemnising the wedding ahead of the wedding service.

Just after the wedding service, you should sign the MRF as well as your partner, the 2 witnesses plus the Registrar. The Registrar will register the wedding at the earliest opportunity following the wedding.

Marriage service

The wedding ceremony is solemnised by the Registrar, that is from the enter of Solemnisers. The ceremony needs to be done within the existence of two witnesses aged 18 or higher. Throughout the ceremony both you and your spouse that is intended must two declarations:

  • You do not understand of any impediment towards the wedding
  • That you accept one another as husband/wife/spouse

Interpretive solutions

If either you, your meant partner or either of this two witnesses won’t have enough familiarity with the language when the ceremony has been held to comprehend the ceremony, then a solutions of a interpreter needs to be supplied. It really is your duty to supply the solutions.


You will find extra costs for civil ceremonies held in venues except that Registry workplaces.

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